Air Sealing & Insulation

Home Performance BookletThousands of homes in Wisconsin are poorly sealed and insulated. There are many ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home today.

Sealing and adding insulation where needed is the right place to start. From there, you can replace old windows and add insulated siding for the best efficiency.

If you are planning to make improvements to your home, first consider making it more energy efficient. Remodeling projects are fun, but they can also be very functional if the right choices are made.

Sealing & Insulation adds to the efficiency and value of your Stevens Point area home.

Wisconsin Certified Home Performance Tester

Oakwood Exteriors is now a Trade Ally with Focus On Energy. This designation gives us the opportunity to help central Wisconsin residents save money on their energy bills.

We start first with a home performance test which tells you where the problems are. And second, sealing and insulating where needed. You always have options to go a step further with insulated siding and energy efficient replacement windows.

Contact Oakwood Exteriors today to schedule a home performance test. As local Stevens Point roofing contractors, we are the central Wisconsin BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified tester.

The Home Energy Efficiency Performance Test

How do you think your home with do on the Home Energy Score? The score compares the energy efficiency of your home to others in the nation. To find out where your central Wisconsin home is wasting energy, a home performance test can be scheduled.

This test is important to pinpoint areas where sealing and insulation are missing. It will also show how much energy is wasted through and around windows and doors.

Your home should be comfortable. And, it shouldn’t be leaking out your treated air. Get the test done to find out what improvements you can make to eliminate wastage and enjoy the comfort you should.

Air Sealing Your Stevens Point Area Home

Sometimes a home has never been sealed properly. Sometimes the sealant ages and starts pulling away from the materials.

Our Stevens Point roofing contractors can perform the home performance test and help you with sealing.

Resealing can make a significant difference in how comfortable your home is and how much energy it wastes.

Adding Insulation To Your Stevens Point Area Home

Insulation may be missing where the roof and exterior walls meet. When homes are built, they’re not always built right. Do you have cold walls near the ceiling? Are the floors and walls cold near the baseboards in certain rooms?

The home performance test will show you where insulation needs to be added to your home. Adding insulation in these places will make a difference in how well the home holds heated or cooled air in.

If you are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your Stevens Point area home, Oakwood Exteriors can help.


Oakwood Exteriors is now a Trade Ally with Focus On Energy, this designation gives us the opportunity to help central Wisconsin residents save money on their energy bills. Contact Oakwood Exteriors today to schedule a home performance test performed by a 3rd party BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified tester.

For Stevens Point Air Sealing & Insulation services or a Home Performance Test, please call Oakwood Exteriors at 715-432-8202 or Schedule a Free Quote Now.

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Excellent. Not much coopoeration with the weather, but they persevered and completed the project in 2 weeks. Great job by the crew.Anna K

Great! Prior to signing the contract to have the work done, Jordan Kurszewski (company representative) came to our home several times upon our request to dicsuss the process and help us decide on what colors would look best on our home. The job supervisor, Tom, was very professional and had a great team. They all worked hard and put in long hours to get the job done according to the timeframe promised. Our yard around the house had no debris left from the job whatsoever. I highly recommend oakwood Exteriors!!!Connie A

One work: excellent. I was told by Jordan that the project would start at 7am on a Monday morning, and at 6:50am trucks were lines up outside the house and the work began. Throughout the project, we were updated by Jordan with any issues than came up as you nevver know for sure what to expect until you get the old siding off. I was told the project would be complete on that Wednesday (2.5 days total) at around 1pm, and that is almsot exactly when things wrapped up here. Not only were they punctual, and did quality work, but they also cleaned up EVERYTHING, as if nothing every happened at all. I would recommend Oakwood Exteriors to anyone looking to have work done.Brian S

Good customer service and efficient.Amanda W

I have used Oakwood Exteriors for two roofing projects. I am very impressed with the entire process from quotation to completion and they do the job right.Mike M

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