Professional Roof Repairs

Oakwood Exteriors not only installs beautiful new roofs, we also specialize in roof repairs and extending the lifespan of your existing roof. Oakwood Exteriors has the knowledge and experience to get your roof performing the way it should. If you are experiencing a problem or leak from things such as normal wear and tear, poor workmanship, or storm damage call Oakwood Exteriors today and let us help restore your piece of mind.

Common Roofing Problems Solved By Oakwood Exteriors



No Electrical Mast Flashing

Electrical Mast Flashing Roof Repair

Some homes have an electrical mast where above ground electric service is present. Many roofers simply caulk around the opening where the pipe runs through the roof, however that caulking fails within a couple years which then allows water to leak in. Oakwood Exteriors installs a special “split” style flashing that goes around the fixed mast that keeps the penetration sealed for the lifespan of the roof.

Deterioration Plumbing Vent Flashing

Roofing Repair of Deteriorating Plumbing Vent Flashing

Nearly every single roof has at least one plumbing vent pipe. Most roofers install the basic rubber flange vent pipe flashing, these flashings usually crack and deteriorate due to sun exposure within 5 years. Oakwood Exteriors is the only roofing contractor in Central WI that installs the “Ultimate” vent pipe flashing standard on each and every roof installation. The Ultimate pipe flashing features a 100% silicone flange that wont deteriorate and is warrantied for 50 years when installed with a GAF Lifetime Roofing System. Get your old vent pipe flashing repaired today!

Failed Chimney Flashing

Repair of Failed Chimney Flashing

Whether it is from age, poor materials used, or improper installation, chimney flashings can fail resulting in leaks. Oakwood Exteriors has the experience and tools to fix your leaking chimney once and for all.

No Kick-Out Flashing

Roof Repair of No Kick Out Flashing

Some homes have a a roofline that ends where an exterior wall continues. This transition point from roof to wall should have what is called a Kick-Out flashing. Kick-Out flashings ensure that water draining off the roof does not end up behind your exterior siding where major water damage can occur. Oakwood Exteriors installs Kick-Out flashings where required on all roofing and siding repairs & replacements.

Faulty Ridge Shingles

Repair of Faulty Ridge Shingles

Many new roofs are experiencing deteriorating hip & ridge shingles due to faulty batches of shingles that were manufactured in the past. The overall roof may not be faulty but many times cheaper “3-tab” shingles were used on the hips and ridges of the roof and many of those 3-tab shingles ended up being faulty. Call Oakwood Exteriors to replace your faulty shingles today!

Blown-Off Ridge Vent

Blown Off Ridge Vent Roofing Repair

High winds, improper installation, or low quality material could all contribute to your ridge vent coming loose or even blowing off. Oakwood Exteriors installs the highest quality GAF Cobra Snow Country “Shingle Over” style ridge vent with the correct length fasteners to ensure long lasting performance.

Rotten Roof Decking

Roofing Repair of Rotten Roof Decking

When roof repairs or replacements get delayed the underlying roof decking often absorbs moisture and begins to rot away. Oakwood Exteriors will replace all rotten roof decking during the roof repair or roof replacement process. This will ensure a strong underlying surface for the new roofing products to be installed as well as eliminate future mold growth. We will also be sure to correct whatever problem caused the rotten roof decking in the first place.



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