About Stevens Point Storm Damage Repairs

storm damage repairs

As professional Stevens Point, WI exterior restoration experts, Oakwood Exteriors have seen many instances of foul weather that require storm damage repairs.

Storm damages are a frustrating and most inconvenient thing to deal with, especially if the homeowner and family are misplaced until repairs are made.

The better quality of roofing and siding material you have, the less risk that storms can damage your home. Here is some information you need to know about storm damages and repairs that may follow…

Wind Damage Repairs

Any type of roof is designed to withstand storms with high winds, yet with some materials there are more risks of occurring damages. Today’s metal roofs and composite roofs offer you high wind resistance up to 70 miles per hour. Other roof types that are commonly used, such as asphalt, don’t stand up to hurricane force winds well.

Winds can not only cause shingles to leave your roof, but can also cause damage to the siding and other areas of a home. Strong winds can be very detrimental to the structure of a home.

Storms happen suddenly, often with little warning. This is what makes the roof inspections important every ten years or sooner as any repairs for loose shingles, missing nails, loose flashing, and other problems will be handled in preparation for any storm damages.

Repairs For Hail Storm Damages

Hail is a serious problem for roof tops, windows, siding, and more. The small to large dents you see on an automobile after a hail storm shows you what type of pressure is put on your homes exterior surfaces.

Hail on asphalt shingles, the most common roof type, will cause cracks in the shingle. Hail can destroy windows and break down siding or cause dents depending on what materials it is made of.

Rain Storms & Flash Flood Repairs

The biggest problems you’ll face with rain storms and flash-flood damages is the moisture that penetrates your home’s exterior. Moisture problems within the home’s walls, foundation, and roof, can cause mildew, mold, and algae problems. This only leads to further storm damage repairs.

Rain storms often leave debris from leaves, branches, and other materials on the roof and in the gutters. This gives moisture a place to seep into your exterior surfaces.

Flooding from storms will also require that many areas be inspected or repaired. Again, mold and mildew take hold when moisture is present. Mold remediation is an expensive and intensive process that means many parts of the home may need to be taken out and replaced.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Stevens Point storm damage repairs, please call 715-432-8202 or reach us via our online form.

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