How To Prevent Ice Dams On Your Stevens Point Roof

How To Prevent Ice Dams On Your Stevens Point RoofAs local Stevens Point roofing contractors, our pros at Oakwood Exteriors can tell you how to prevent ice dams on your roof. What’s an ice dam, you ask? It’s the buildup of ice along the roof edge which slowly melts into pretty icicles. Why would I want to prevent ice dams? Because they ruin your roof, can damage your landscape, and could cause personal injury if one fell on you from such a height.

Since you now understand why preventing ice dams on your Stevens Point roof is important, let us offer you a little advice on how to prevent them. First, let’s take a look at why they happen and why some roofs in the same neighborhood have ice dams and others don’t.

What Causes Ice Dams

One of the reasons you’ll need to get a roof inspection from a Stevens Point roofing contractor is because they’ll need to determine what’s causing the ice dams. This ridge of ice forms as snow melts in the warmer area of your roof and then refreezes and backs up as it reaches the outer colder areas.

Why are some parts of the roof warmer or colder? Because the inside of your home is warm and the heat only rises to the section of the roof which directly covers the inside of your home. The outer edges of your roof are colder because they don’t receive the warm air from your heating system.

  1. Missing attic insulation near roof edges – This is one thing a roofing contractor will inspect first because it’s so common. Mistakes are made in constructing Stevens Point homes every day. If there’s a gap in the insulation near the exterior walls inside the attic, the roof will have a problem with ice dams.
  2. Poor attic ventilationAir sealing & ventilation is an important part of a roofing system. Not only can poor attic ventilation cause ice dams, the resulting moisture causes roof damage as well. Rising heat from your home moves upward and not outward, accumulating toward the roof peak. This area will be significantly warmer unless the air inside the attic or crawlspace is circulated with an attic fan and the freezing cold air is kept out. If this is the solution you need, look into solar powered ventilation fans to save energy.

Solving Your Ice Dam Problem

There are roof heat cables, wires, and heat tape products you can ask your roofing contractor to install for you if you want extra peace of mind. They are really very common here in Stevens Point, WI but it’s best to fix your roof problems before you make such an investment.

Attic ventilation circulates the air and reduces attic moisture. This is highly important in our climate to prevent mold growth, wet insulation, and wood rotting of the roof deck and attic structure.

Insulation helps to keep the freezing temperatures from affecting how snow melts on your roof and improves your home’s energy efficiency. Ask your roofing contractor about spray foam insulation to prevent ice dams.

If you’re looking for a local Stevens Point roofing contractor you can trust to help you prevent ice dams, call Oakwood Exteriors at 715-432-8202 or Schedule a Free Quote Now.

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